A little about Jilly at trauma solutions for animals:

Jilly is here on Earth at this time as an emanation of celestial and the Divine Mother to assist with the Evolution of Humanity and Mother Gaia. She serves as a natural-born intuitive healer, and animal communicator.  

Jilly has an Animal Mctimoney Chiropractor Post Graduate degree, along with natural healing abilities and credentials in holistic care, including:

Grad Cert in Animal Therapy

BSc(hon) in Animal Biology and conservation

Fdsc in Animal Behaviour and Welfare

White flame healing, 

 Acupuncture, Massage,  Aromatherapy, Reflexology 

Munay Ki Rites, Crystal Light Mapping and much more.

As an ambassador to the animal kingdom, her passion and devotion is to assist animals by releasing them from all suffering and treating them as a whole, on a quantum level. Her divine and gentle nature allows her to tap into their soul, connecting with their physical and emotional needs. 

Her purity allows her to communicate with the elementals, unicorns, dragons, and many guides who assist her in her day-to-day work. She applies this same compassion for humanity along with her unique healing style (UCH) for every individual pet and person.​ 

She is an advocate and teacher of this work offering online sessions, incorporating healing trauma and animal communication, as well as face-to-face chiropractic treatment.

Divine workshops to assist and empower those who seek this wisdom and knowledge for those who desire to live in harmony.

Trauma Solutions For Animals